Hi im kirsty~ 16 ~ from scotland. I love pictures and music. I am moving to australia when i turn 19,i live on tropicana.,arcticmonkeys ,vampireweekend,grimes,thesmiths,mumfordandsons,

I couldn't live without my bestfriends they are better than yours. I'm a very judgemental person but fuck it im sure people judge me too. Last year I stayed in australia for a month ,pretty fucking amazing tbh,i cant wait to move. I hate alot of things but I love my tumblr because none of the tit heads at school have it and cant judge me so ye. i love the sea and wish i could surf,watching movies about surfers makes me miss australia. i love school. when i move to australia i want to become a forensic investigator . sharks are amazing and i really wanted one for my fourth birthday according to my mum, but she bought me a dog instead.. I have one very important friend, charlotte ireland, she is the most amazing girl i love her so much there isn't a thing i don't feel comfortable telling that girl she means so much to me. I don't see the point in regretting things that i have done wrong because i am going to have to live with it for the rest of my life. i also deserve a gold medal for hiding my feeling,i constantly find myself crying about pathetic things,but i hide it and put a smile on because i hate the attention of people asking me what is wrong. I miss my grandpa like nothing else he was too young and didnt deserve to die. i have major O.C.D and it is kind of funny because i will just be at someones house and randomly start cleaning there kitchen or something haha. Before i move to australia i want to travel europe. I love my mum so much i couldn't get through half the things i do without her,she is always there for me and always understands me i can tell her anything. I love my mac it is the best. My bed is my favourite place to be. I really want a boyfriend. I am a wee softie when it comes to sad movies. Lion king is my favourite movie . If i was an animal i would either want to be a lion or a shark. I wish i had a bigger room. I didn't take art at school but i love just sitting down and drawing things. I have been through pretty rough times, i was depressed and i self harmed, I was also suicidal, thankfully with all of peoples support and help i have managed to over come this and i'm getting better. even though every now and then i hit rock bottom and feel like i won't be able to get back to myself. I can think of nothing worse than seeing the people that i love the most hurt or in pain because i feel helpless as if i can't do anything. i hate that feeing. I'm closer to a lot more boys than girls, they just aren't as annoying, pathetic and bitchy. I love taking pictures and my grandad wants be to become a photographer ha. Music is a huge part of my life, i can't explain how much i love it and how i couldn't live without it, truly fabulous if you ask me haha I always try to keep a smile on my face because i think that your mood reflects on others, and i hate seeing others upset so its all i can do. I have been used and treated like shit more times than i can tally, this has made me very unconfident in myself and boys apart from my guy friends, i mean like boyfriends i just don't trust them after everything i have been through which is ridiculous because i know for a fact they aren't all cunts but its extremely difficult to fogey about past experiences. I am never happy with my weight i am either too skinny or i feel chubby. Fruit is all i ever have for breakfast and i hardly ever eat toast unless it has marmite on it.. i watch far too may tv programmes and movies and have a rather over active imagination. Fluffy socks,scarves and beanies in winter are the shit. I wish the stars could be on my bedroom ceiling, that would be perfection. Oh yeah, almost forgot to say that you are amazing and i love you and I am always here for anyone if they wan't to talk about ANYTHING. anonymous or not.

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